The Ideas Showcase is an educational opportunity featuring 15-minute talks on new ideas in technology, processing, machinery, ingredients, and services. Presentations will be put on by exhibitors in two theaters on the Cheese Expo’s exhibit hall floor.

Scheduled talks include:

Wednesday, April 13

Cheese Processing & Automation (Stage A)

12:30-12:50  |  Robotics: Its Cheddar with Robotics, Quest Industrial
1:00-1:20  |  Optimize Your Cheesemaking Process through In-Line NIR Technology, Prospect Analytical
1:30-1:50  |  Robotics in the Food Industry, Kelly Supply
2:00-2:20  |  Innovations in Non-Destructive Leak Detection, Mocon
2:30-2:50  |  Growth & Competitiveness in the Dairy Market, Bemis
3:00-3:20  |  Anti-Caking Agent Use in Grated and Shredded Cheese, Sweetener Supply
3:30-3:50  |  New Analytical Methods for Improving Quality & Profitability, Page & Pederson International, LTD
4:00-4:20  |  Operations Intelligence as an Operational Expenditure, Cybertrol Engineering

Cheese & Whey Processing (Stage B)

12:30-12:50  |  TriSep TurboClean Membrane Elements: The Next Generation in Spiral Wound Filtration Element Technology, TriSep Corporation
1:00-1:20  |   Profit Improvement Through the Use of Processing Aids, Hydrite Chemical Co.
1:30-1:50  |  Driving New Innovations in Cheddar Cultures with EASY-SET® A3000, Chr. Hansen, Inc.
2:00-2:20  |   Innovations in String Cheese, DSM Food Specialties USA, Inc.
2:30-2:50  |  Energy Saving and Reduced Water Consumption in Mozzarella and Pizza-Cheese Production, GEA North America
3:00-3:20  |  Cheese Block Forming Technology and Advanced Control Systems for Optimization of Equipment/System Performance, RELCO
3:30-3:50  |  Exact Weight String Cheese, Johnson Industries International, Inc.
4:00-4:20  |  Preheating Spray Dryer Products in Ultra Coil Heat Exchanges, Custom Fabricating & Repair, Inc.

Thursday, April 14

Food Safety & Third Party Audits (Stage A)

1:00-1:20  |  3rd Party Audits-Eliminate the Pain!, Softtrace, Ltd
1:30-1:50  |  Monitoring Deficiencies with Modern Tablet App, Guardian Pest Solutions
2:00-2:20  |  Shining Light on Food Processing Illumination, Shat-R-Shield
2:30-2:50  |  Advances in Cheese Brine Disinfection, BioIonix, Inc.
3:00-3:20  |  Packaging Food Safety Expectations, Transcontinental Packaging

Wastewater Treatment (Stage B)

1:00-1:20  |  How Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Benefits Cheese Processors, ADI Systems Inc.
1:30-1:50  |  Phosphorus Management: Achieving Compliance, The Probst Group
2:00-2:20  |  Increase Profitability, Lower BODs, TSS and FOG, ProActive Solutions USA, Inc.
2:30-2:50  |  Reconsidering Energy Recovery: The Road to the Renewable Credits Market, SEH, Inc
3:00-3:20  |  What is your Biogas Worth?, Energenecs