Booth reservations will begin in mid-September.

Exhibit information and a floor plan will be available on this website in August.

The exhibitor sign-up will be based on priority points as it has been for previous conferences. Each company will have a specific time they can log in to purchase their booth. After that time, they can log in at any time.  This priority list will be available on this website in August.

All companies exhibiting will need to be members of Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association before signing up to exhibit this Fall. If you have questions about membership, please contact Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association at 608-286-1001.

Who Exhibits?

Click here to see previous exhibitors.

Please be aware of fraud.

CheeseExpo has been made aware of several fraudulent claims.  Please be aware of the following:

  • Do not purchase attendee lists.  CheeseExpo does not sell attendee lists.
  • Hotel Fraud.  CheeseExpo has has not endorsed anyone to contact you directly to book your hotel room or offer you a special discounted conference rate.  If you receive one of these calls or emails, it is fraud.
  • Form requesting you to update a listing in International Fairs Directory or Expo Guide or Fair Guide or World Business Guide.  The form says Updating is Free, but there is a small paragraph at the bottom of the notice that states it is a three year contract for a recurring annual fee.  Only Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association staff (Caitlin Peirick) will contact you to update your listing.