Cheese Industry Leaders, Suppliers, Marketers and More attend the ICTE

FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY ASSURANCE STAFF should check out seminars focused on Pathogen Control in Dairy Plants and Cheese Quality Issues and Solutions.

ARTISAN CHEESEMAKERS should plan to participate in the at-the-vat workshop at Clock Shadow Creamery.


MAINTENANCE AND SANITATION WORKERS can connect directly with the suppliers of the products they use each day to ask questions, and explore the latest models.

MARKETING STAFF AND PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTORS will glean valuable insight on emerging and growing markets in the USDEC- and WMMB-led seminars on dairy trade and specialty cheese trends.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT SCIENTISTS should plan to attend seminars on Cheese Quality Issues and Solutions, as well as Dairy Ingredients in the Global Food Market.

SALESPEOPLE will appreciate the opportunity to connect with dairy products manufacturers and processors from every part of the world.

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS have the chance to expand their network and learn more about our exciting industry.

Below is a list of Dairy Processing Company Attendees from the last ICTE, held in 2016.

AgMotion Dairy
Agropur Inc.
All Star, Ltd.
Alliance International
Almenland Stollenkaese GmbH
Alois Koch AG
Alouette Cheese LLC
Alpine Slicing & Cheese Conversion
Arena Cheese Company
Arla Foods
Arla Foods Hollandtown
Arthur Schuman Inc.
Artisan Cheese Exchange
Artisan OMEGA 3 Products LLC
Associated Milk Producers, Inc.
Babcock Hall Dairy Plant
Baker Cheese
Barron County Cheese
Battaglia Distributing Co
Bay Point Networks, LLC
Beemster Cheese
Bega Cheese
Bel Americas
Bel Brands
BelGioioso Cheese
Berglandmilch eGen
Berkshire Dairy and Food Products, LLC
Biery Cheese Company
Birdseye Dairy
Bongards Creameries
Bongards Premium Cheese
Brewster Cheese
Bunker Hill Cheese Co., Inc.
Burnett Dairy Cooperative
Cabot Creamery
California Dairies, Inc.
CannonBelles Cheese
Caputo Cheese
Carbery Group
Carr Valley Cheese
Cascade Cheese Company
Caves of Faribault
Cedar Valley Cheese, Inc.
Cesar’s Cheese
Chalet Cheese Co-op
Champignon North America, Inc.
Cheese Pirates
Chicago Dairy Corporation
Chula Vista Cheese Co.
Clock Shadow Creamery/ Cedar Grove Cheese
Colony Brands, Inc.
Cooperative Dairy Marketing
Cornell University Dairy Plant
Cosmic Cashew
Craig T. Farms
Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese
Creme de la Coulee Artisan Cheese
Cropp Cooopertive / Organic Valley
Crystal Farms
Culver’s Franchising System, Inc.
Dairy Crest
Dairy Directions, Inc.
Dairy Farmers of America
Dairy Products Marketing Co., Inc.
Dairy Specialists, LLC
Dairyfood USA, Inc.
Dairyland Food Group
Dairymasters LLC
Davisco Foods International
Dean Foods
Decatur Dairy, Inc.
Delifood Co., LTD.
Delmart Alimentos
Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH
Divine Pasta Company
Dona Leche
Door Artisan Cheese Company
Dos Lunas Artisan Cheese
Dreamfarm LLC
Eau Galle Cheese Factory
Edelweiss Creamery
EJ Dairy Marketing
El Maestro Quesero
Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery
Emmi – Roth USA, Inc.
Empire Cheese Inc.
Euphrates Inc
Fab De Productos Lacteos
Fair Oaks Farm
Ferm D LLC
Finlandia Cheese Inc.
First District Association
Flathead Lake Cheese
Fonterra (USA) Inc.
Foremost Farms
G&R Foods
Gay Lea Foods
Gehl Foods
Gile Cheese, LLC
Glanbia Foods, Inc.
Good Home Foods
Graf Creamery, Inc.
Grain Millers Dairy Products, Inc.
Grande Cheese Company
Grassland Dairy Products, Inc.
Great Lakes Cheese Co Inc
Great Lakes Milk Products, Inc
Greenberg Cheese Company
Greenwood Packaging LLC
Guggisberg Cheese, Inc.
Half Century, LLC
Happy Days Dairies Ltd.
Heartland Creamery
Henning Cheese, Inc.
Hidden Springs Creamery
Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc.
Holmes Cheese Co.
Hoogwegt U.S., Inc.
Horizon Sales of Minnesota
Hudson Valley Creamery
Hurckman Mechanical
Idaho Milk Products
Idyll Farms
IMA Dairy & Food USA, Inc.
Imlig Käserei Oberriet AG
Ingredient Exchange Company
Interface Protein Technology
Interfood Inc.
Jana Foods LLC
Jim’s Cheese
Johnsonville Sausage
JTM Provisions Company, Inc
Kansas Dairy Ingredients
Käserei Gaster-Linth AG
Käserei Neuenschwander AG
Kickaas Cheese
Klondike Cheese Company
Kraft Heinz
Kroger Company
La Tarantela
Laack Cheese Co. Inc.
Lactalis USA
Lacteos El Esfuerzo
Lacteos Villalpando SA
Lake Country Dairy
Lamagna Cheese Company Inc.
Lanco-Pennland Quality Milk Producers
Land O’Lakes, Inc.
Landmark Creamery
Le Sueur Cheese-Agropur US Operations
Leprino Foods Company
Levant Mediterranean Foods
Level Plain LLC
Ludwig Farmstead Creamery
Luige’s Frozen Pizza Inc.
Lynn Dairy, Inc.
Maeil Dairies Industry Co.
Maple Leaf Cheesemakers, Inc.
Marathon Cheese Corporation
Marieke Gouda
Marin French Cheese
Masters Gallery Foods, Inc.
MCT Dairies Inc.
Meister Cheese Company
Mexican Cheese Producers, Inc.
Michael Foods
Michigan Milk Producers Association
Mihan Dairy and Ice Cream Company
Milk Source LLC
Milk Specialties Global
Mill Creek Cheese LLC
Mississippi State University Dairy Plant
Montchevre-Betin, Inc.
Mullins Cheese
Nasonville Dairy, Inc.
Nation Pizza
Natural Pastures Cheese Company
Nelson-Ricks Creamery Company
Nor Tech Dairy
Northern Wisconsin Produce
Novak’s Cheese of Wisconsin, Inc.
Nuestro Queso, LLC
Ocean Spray Cranberries
Old Chatham Sheepherding Creamery
Old Europe Cheese, Inc.
Old Fashioned Foods Inc.
Organic Valley
Ornua Ingredients North America
Osorio Investments
Pacific Cheese Co., Inc.
Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy
Park Cheese Co.
Parmalat / Lactalis American Group
Parmalat Canada Inc.
Pearl Valley Cheese Co.
Philadelphia Macaroni Company
Pine River Dairy Inc.
Pine River Pre-Pack, Inc.
Ponderosa Dairy Products
Productos Paisa
Punjab Milk Foods Inc
Quality Pasta Company
Quesos Navarro
Quesos Pajarete
Quesos San Marcos
Red Barn Family Farms
Riverside Foods
Roelli Cheese Co. Inc.
Romari Farm
Rosewood Dairy, Inc.
Rothenbuhler Cheesemakers
Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc.
Salmans and Associates
Saputo Cheese USA
Saputo Specialty Cheese
Saputo USA
Sargento Foods, Inc.
Sartori Cheese
Sartori Company
Saxon Creamery
Schnabeltier /TippeCaMoo Cheese Wurks
Schreiber Foods, Inc.
Scidmore Dairy LLC
Shatto Milk Company
Shullys Cuisine
Sierra Exportadora
South Dakota State University Dairy Plant
Southwest Cheese Company
Specialty Cheese Company, Inc.
Sprecher Käsehandel
Steiner Dairy LLC
Sugar River Dairy
Sweetwater Valley Farm
Swiss Heritage Cheese, Inc.
Swiss Valley / Caves of Faribault
Swiss Valley Farms
Talmera USA
Taylor Cheese Corp.
TH Foods, Inc.
The Ambriola Company Inc.
The Cheesemaker
The Deli Source
The Kroger Company
The Lone Grazer Creamery
Thuli Family Creamery
Tillamook County Creamery Assn.
Tri-State Dairy LLC
Tropicalfoods LLC
UDairy Creamery @ University of Delaware
Union Star Cheese Factory
University of Wisconsin – River Falls Dairy Planjt
Uplands Cheese Inc
Upstate Niagara Cooperative, Inc.
Urnaescher Milchspezialitaeten AG
US Dairy Unlimited
V&V Supremo Foods, Inc. / Chula Vista Cheese Co.
Valio Ltd
Valley Queen Cheese Factory, Inc.
Valley View Cheese Co-op
W & W Dairy
Wakker Cheese LLC
Wapsie Valley Creamery, Inc.
Washington State University
Welcome Dairy Inc.
Wengers Springbrook Cheese
Westby Cooperative Creamery
Western Dairies
Weyauwega Cheese
Weyauwega Star Dairy Inc.
Wheel Cheese Company
White Diamond Cheese
Whitehall Specialties, Inc.
WhiteWave Foods
Williams Cheese Company
Winona Food Inc.
Wisconsin Cheese Group
Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Co.
Woven Wind
WW Dairy
Y Not Foods
Zemaitijos Pienas
Zimmerman Cheese